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Cable information popularization

People are familiar with different kinds of cables but many people are not familiar with the construction of cables. They focus more on the appearence and prices. How about having a shallow learning of cables? Different parameter influence the prices and the performance of the cables, such as shielding, contacts, jacket, plug and so on. Below are some information.


Shielding ensure signal transfer Integrity. Poor shielding causes signal loss. There are two kinds of shielding. One is combination, the other is foil or braid(As below two pictures). In general, cables with combination shielding would have better signal shielding. Aluminum foil is to avoid interference of high frequency and wire braid is to avoid interference of low frequency. That is to say, there is no good or bad shielding of a cable, but what level of shielding you require for.

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Treatment for the contacts for the plugs can be divided into nickel plated and 24k gold plated. We can visually distinguish them in colors as below pictures. Silver color is with nickel plated and gold color is with gold plated. Nickel-plated contacts are less stable in the air than the gold-plated contacts. When you choose which one to buy, please consider what environment you will use them in.

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The outer cover of a cable is called jacket. There are two kinds of Jacket we have for cables. One is braid and the other is PVC environment material. They have each their advantage. When the cable is relatively long, kink protection seems important because the kink cable would influence the transfering of the signal. When you choose to buy which cable with which jacket, consider which length you need it.

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Old design cable use PVC environment material for their shell of the plugs, and in our company, the other kind of shell of the cable is zinc alloy. Plugs with zinc alloy shell seems more high grade and more reliable for pulling. When you choose to buy one of them, please consider the whether you are used to pulling the cable when use.

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You don't need the best quality cable but you need the most suitable one. Choose realjoy and select what you need from now on.

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